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Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are the perfect addition to your home and there are a large variety of options out there to suit every design taste and budget. Pendant lights can be used as feature lighting or for functional lighting and can be used in any room in the house. Popular uses include over kitchen benches, over dining tables, at an entrance, over a bathtub, in place of lamps next to the bed, the list goes on. We can also advise you the different types of light bulbs to suit the lighting ambiance you’re hoping to achieve.

Wall Lighting

Wall lights have applications in many different spaces, both indoors and outdoors. They can be functional, for example next to your bedside in place of lamps, or over and/or beside your bathroom mirror to help eliminate shadowing which overhead lighting alone tends to create. If you own artwork, you can use wall lighting to better illuminate your precious pieces. Or use wall lighting as you would pendant lighting, to create a feature and add ambiance to your home!

Outdoor wall lighting is one of the more common areas you will find wall lighting is installed, it can act as security lighting as well as help keep those dark areas visible to deter intruders.

Outdoor Lighting

The outdoor areas of your home, office or commercial space are functional areas that will require adequate outdoor lighting.  You may wish to highlight a particular feature of your building, light up a garden space or pathway, or add security.

The options for outdoor lighting are extensive. They can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted, integrated into your decking or concrete paths, installed in a garden bed or even be battery operated. It is important you choose lighting made with the correct product so as to prevent water penetration or avoid rusting if they’re to be placed in open areas subject to all weather conditions

Security & Sensor

Sensor lights are a great solution for areas that are not always in use and only need to be lit when people are passing through or using the space. By utilising sensor lighting, you can save power by only switching the light on when motion is detected and will turn back off after a set time. You can install sensor lighting in many forms including spotlights, flood lights, downlights and wall lights. Sensor lights can act as security lighting when placed in the areas of your home which you wish to be lit if someone was to be lurking.

Security lighting come in the form of very bright spotlights or floods lights that will illuminate a large area. They serve a purpose in both domestic and commercial buildings and can be a cost effective way to help deter intruders. Many security lights also come with inbuilt cameras which will operate through wifi and can also be run through applications on your phone on which you will be provided with a alerts and be able to get real time access to the camera.

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