Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance Checks Townsville

Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance Checks Townsville

A professionally installed & up-to-date switchboard is integral to the protection of your property and the safety of people in your home or workplace.

The inspection of main switchboards and testing of safety switches is something that we often find has not been completed in many older dwellings. Not only can lack of inspection and testing be a compliance breach, it can also contribute to major safety hazards that can be avoided.

Safety devices should be tested by a licensed Electrician to ensure that they are tripping within the required time, cutting power to any faulty source. If a safety switch does not trip within the required time, it is deemed faulty and should be replaced immediately. Safety switches must be tested in accordance with the Australian & New Zealand guidelines – AS/NZ 3760:2010,

There are 3 types of safety devices that can be found in an Electrical Switchboard:

  1. RCDs (Residual Current Device) – these help to detect faults and trip the power to the circuit if there is a fault, so as no harm comes to people or your home.
  2. Surge Protection Devices – these help protect all valuable appliances and devices in your home
  3. Arc Fault Detection Device – these help protect your home from arc faults and potential electrical fires

Renovating or Updating your Electrical fittings? When modifying any power or lighting circuits in your home, the installation of a safety switch is mandatory for compliance and safety.

We will always aim to inspect your switchboard if we are carrying out a job and will ensure to provide advice if we think you need any safety improvements.

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Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance Townsville Residents Rely On

East Coast Electrix are the Townsville Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance specialist that you can rely on for any job – big or small. Over the last 15-years, we have built our reputation on delivering high-quality electrical services that stand the test of time. Whether you are looking for residential services or you need a team of professionals to tackle your factory, warehouse, or office – we are equipped to tackle your unique project.

Our team of electrical professionals have the skills and the experience to meet the diverse requirements of customers. Call us on 0400 841 847 to schedule an onsite visit or to book a consultation. Our Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance specialists will arrive at your residence or work premises to discuss your needs and find the best possible solution.

The Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance FAQ

How Much Does Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance Cost?

Asking how much Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance costs in Townsville is akin to asking how much a holiday costs. It depends on where you are departing from, where you are going, and the quality of the service being provided. At East Coast Electrix, we do not pretend to be the cheapest Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance in North Queensland. In fact, there are more than enough companies that offer cheap, short-term solutions that will undercut us every time.

At East Coast Electrix, we are committed to deliver switchboard upgrades that stand the test of time. To find out how much your project will cost, you can get in touch through phone or email to arrange a consultation and quote.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees for Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance?

Yes! We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that stand the test of time. For us, that means qualified, expert tradesman that are fully licensed and will stand behind their work with a workmanship quality guarantee.

With more than 15-years of industry experience and a proven track record when it comes to Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance, we are happy to stand behind the work that we complete. If you have any problems with the workmanship, our team is just a phone call away!

Why Should I Choose East Coast Electrix?

It’s a fair question! Afterall, there are no shortage of electrical professionals servicing the North Queensland region. For us, we have a simple mission statement; Our aim is to provide the best customer service by delivering reliable, honest, and knowledgeable technicians for each job that we complete.

Here are some of the reasons that our Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance services stand out in Townsville:

  • We provide prompt communication and unbeatable service
  • Our team is comprised of expert technicians who stand behind their work
  • We are approachable, friendly, and polite in every job that we complete
  • Our Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance services are priced fairly and competitively against the competition
  • We will leave your site in the same or better condition than when we arrived
  • Our reputation is everything to us – we never cut corners

Can I Get a Quote for Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance?

Yes! Get in touch on 0400 841 847 or use our contact page to arrange an inspection and quote for your Switchboard Upgrades & Compliance in Townsville. Our friendly team will provide an assessment and tailored quote for your unique project and requirements.

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